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The Black Heart

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Three children to the Time Sultan. One became God, the Elder lord who governs them all. One became Pheonix, ruler of fire and humanity, of passion and control. the lonely wandered, mother of the Saga. The third, James, ruler of hellfire, the youngest.

Ravnos Baneseek Tiefling

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Shadowsight Goggles

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The lenses of these googles are tinted a light blue, and are held in place by a brass frame with a leather strap. When worn, the wearer can see normally in darkness and magical darkness out to 30 feet. These goggles are of great tactical advantage when used in combination with a Darkness or Deeper Darkness spell, creating a situation where only you can see.

Detection Stone

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This small, blue stone feels cold to the touch, and seems to be just a pretty rock.But when held and the command word spoken alound, it allows the user to cast Detect Magic at will. Type Minor Wonderous Item Market Value: 1000 Craft Level: 7 Craft Prerequisites: Creation Cost: 500 gp 40xp Weight :-


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This alchemical compound is a mixture of holy water, garlic, and various other herbs that the vampires are known to dislike. Additionally, it contains certain drugs to increase the concentration of these toxins in the blood, as well as to slow down their purge from the body. Drinking an ounce of nosferatutam makes a creature’s blood toxic to vampires. Alchemy craft DC:25

Wizard's Rock

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The Wizard's Rock was created long ago, and has seen uncountable wizard's keeps and magic battlefields throughout the ages.It is said that there were at one time three such rocks, given created together by the three most powerful wizards of a prime world long since forgotten. One is said to have fallen into the sea when the ship carried it was caught in a storm conjured by a rival mage, lost to underwater crags so deep that no light shines.

Caster's plate

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This armor is a series of light plates connected by links. The arms are unprotected to enable easy casting. A cloak is worn under the armor as chainmail would be to restrictive. instead of plates on the legs the plates on the chest continue to the middle of the lower leg on the back and front of the aromer. It also includes greaves and a helmet. (optional)it requires a dc 22 craft check to make normal armor and a dc 27 check to make masterwork armor

Demon Bowls

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Vanquished are the black arts and mighty spells.Vanquished the bewitching demons,they, their witchery and their spells,their curses and their invocations,and kept away from the four walls of the house of Bahram-Gushnasp, the son of Ishtar-Hahid.Vanquished and trampled down are the bewitching demons -- vanquished on earth and vanquished in heaven.Vanquished are their constellations and stars.Bound are the works of their hands.

Environmental Manifestation

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Type: Psionic Requirements:  Constitution: 13+, Wisdom: 13+, Concentration: 6 ranks, Control: 6 ranks.  1 rank in Knowledge:  The Planes (Limbo, Ethereal, or Astral depending on plane this feat is used on)Thorough experimentation with the morphic natures of planes such as the Ethereal Plane, the Astral Plane, and Limbo, you learn that controling the environments of such planes is remarkably similar to focusing one's own mind to manifest powers.

Guild Discount

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Type: Special The alliance between the Planewalkers Guild and

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