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See the glories of the Mount!

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The Ice has it!

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Need some time to cool yer heels?

Magma Rafting

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Ride a river of fire!

Demiplanes R' Us

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What do you get the Blood who's got everything?Demiplanes R' Us

Ysgardian Belt

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This belt is made from leather taken from a bear native to Ysgard, slain by a native of that Plane. Most such belts are plain, and have simple adornments and buckles, but a few are much more elaborate. Such belts cost more, but grant no additional benefits.

Ysgardian Cloak

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This cloak is made from the fur of a Winter Wolf slain on the Plane of Ysgard. It is soft, white, and luxuriously warm. It grants DR 30 vs. cold Type Wonderous Item, Magical Market Value: 24,000 gold pieces Craft Level: Craft Prerequisites: Creation Cost: Weight :2 lb

Ax of Torment

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Ax of Torment Conjuration, Summoning, - Level: Sor/Wiz 3 Components: V, S Time: 1 actionTarget: One living creatureRange: Close (25 feet + 5 feet / 2 levels)Area: - Effect: - Duration: Instantaneous Save: See text Spell Resistance: Yes This spell summons a large glowing


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This is a small set of ten lockpicks on a metal ring. Each pick is fashioned out of a strange, shifting metal, and their ends are constantly changing shape slightly. When placed in a lock and the command word spoken, the pick casts Knock on the lock, in most circumstances opening it. Note that this means knockpicks can only be used to open doors or containers with a lock on it. Once used, the pick disappears.

Demiplane Seed

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Demiplane Seed Conjuration, Creation, Level: Sor/Wiz 9 Components: V, S, M Time: 1 week (8 hours/day)Target: N/ARange: PersonalArea: N/A Effect: A growing demiplane Duration: Instantaneous Save: None Spell Resistance: No This spell creates a world of the caster's design

Amber Earrings

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These earrings are made from the hardened sap of razorvine. When properly prepared, items made from this substance can be enchanted with powerful spells of protection. They come in pairs, and both earrings need to be worn for them to take effect. They give a +2 deflection bonus to AC, and in addition allow the wearer to memorise up to two additional 1st level arcane spells, which are stored in the earrings until used.

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