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Tears of Salieru-Dei

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The Harmonium officer Salieru-Dei was executed on Ortho as the result of a plot by the Revolutionary League that framed him as one of their members. Unwilling to challenge the decisions of his superiors, Salieru-Dei went willingly to his execution, and it was at this stage that he shed these tears. The Anarachists revealed their plot shortly after his execution. His tears had hardened into a tough, red material. There were initially 5 tears, but 2 have since been consumed.

Bolts of Kessek the Devourer

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Also called "Kessek's Teeth," the head of these enchanted bolts are made of bone and have two long fangs curving out from the centre. When one of these bolts strikes an opponent, the fangs takes on a life of their own and begin eating their way slowly and painfully through the victim's body. According to legend, Kessek was a Bariaur chieftain on the Outlands who was forced to watch his people starve during a winter storm in the Cleft of Tears many centuries ago.

Cold Box

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This appears to be a simple, large iron box with a door on one side. Its dimensions are usually 5' by 3' by 3', but larger and smaller versions have been produced. The interior contains several metal shelves and drawers, perfect for storing food on. The Cold Box is becoming an increasingly popular item among Sigil's upper class as a means of food storage. Due to rising demand, merchants have been funding an increasing number of expeditions to the Paraelemental Plane of Ice for the necessary component, eternal ice.By: Matthew David

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