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Blood Bridge

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Blood Bridge Necromancy, , Level: Sor/Wiz 2 Components: V, S Time: 1 actionTarget: Living creature touchedRange: TouchArea: N/A Effect: N/A Duration: Instantaneous Save: Will ½ (harmless) Spell Resistance: Yes This necromantic spell allows the caster to give some of her

Think You Can Survive In The Woods?

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Need ta lann the darks of the Beastlands? Try this tour!

Baatezu Entrail Excursion

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Guaranteed to make even a Sensate sick!Baatezu Entrail Excursion

Black Barbed Curse

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Black Barbed Curse Conjuration, (Summoning), Level: Sor/Wiz 2 Components: V, S Time: 1 actionTarget: 1 creatureRange: Close (25 feet + 5 feet / 2 levels)Area: N/A Effect: N/A Duration: Instantaneous Save: None Spell Resistance: No Ravel's maze seeks new fields in which

See the Blood War!

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Act like a Clueless!See the Blood War!

Bytopian Sleighride

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Xaos Robes

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This set of robes is made out of a tough red cloth...sometimes. In fact, Xaos Robes seem to randomly change colour and texture with no pattern or sense. The robes sometimes being blue or green or mottled or smooth, and sometimes becoming translucent for a few seconds. Usually there's a few days between a change though. Chaotic energy swirls through the robes, deflecting blows and sending magic careering off. Beloved by chaotic mages, especially the unpredictable spellslingers of the Xaositects.

Greensteel Ring

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A ring of this type is very rare indeed. It is forged from Baatorian greensteel and is enchanted to extend its properties to the wearer.Once per day, the wearer can invoke the power of the ring. Upon invoking the power the wearer will find that his skin hardens and takes on the texture and colour of greensteel.

Alchemy Bag

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This fine leather bag is covered with elaborate images of laboratory equipment.The bag allows anyone with the Alchemy skill to create temporary items with a successfull skill check. The DC of the check depends upon the cost of the item being produced, and its complexity. Only objects that will fit through the bag opening (1 ft diameter) can be created. Drawing an item from the pouch requires a full round action, draws attacks of opportunity, and requires concentration.

Aqueous Air

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Aqueous Air Transmutation, , Level: Sor/Wiz 6, Ocean 6 Components: V, S, F Time: 1 minute per 10 feet transmutedTarget: N/ARange: Medium (100 ft.

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