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A Selection of Stones from the Sensorium

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This is a collection of sensations hand selected from the vaults of the Society of Sensation. They reflect a variety of lives and experiences that will enrich any who would choose to consider them.

And without further delay:

Faction Domains

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Any faction would find clerics useful -- even the Athar have priests of the Great Unknown -- but clerics of particular gods or belief systems will either be namers only, or divided in their beliefs, unless they honestly consider their religion and their faction philosophy to meld into a single spiritual path. More common than such theological balancing acts might simply be those clerics who draw their power from the faction philosophy.


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The Anarchist prestige class by Christopher Campbell


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The Bleaker prestige class by Christopher Campbell


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The Dustman prestige class by Christopher Campbell


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The Faithful prestige class by Christopher Campbell

Godsman Classes and Affiliation

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The Godsman prestige classes and affiliation by Christopher Campbell


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The Guvner prestige class by Christopher Campbell


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The Hardhead prestige class by Christopher Campbell


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The Indep prestige class by Christopher Campbell

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