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Welcome to Planewalker


We have moved to new, and hopefully better hardware! Along with this move came a bunch of updates to our code base. Please let me know if you spot something wonky.

Who are we? Planewalker is the official fansite for the Planescape setting produced originally by TSR, then by Wizards of the Coast. We've kept the fires of the Planes alive for over a decade now in one form or another. Take a look around the site, you'll find we have a lot of material here including:

  • Active community forums
  • A wiki if you need to look up information
  • A vast collection of articles and extra material
  • Conversions for 3.x , 4th ed and other systems.

What are you waiting for?

We have forums, play-by-post games, projects and all sorts of good stuff going on on the site. Hop into the Forums and take a look around. Or if you have your own idea for a project or game on the site post a thread and get it started!

New Wiki

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